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Cyclic changes in Pennsylvanian paleoclimate and effects on floristic dynamics in tropical Pangaea. Coal Geol. Incised channel fills containing conifers indicate that seasonally dry vegetation dominated Pennsylvanian tropical lowlands.

Fluvial Sedimentology VII eBook

Geology 37 , — Pennsylvanian coniferopsid forests in sabkha facies reveal the nature of seasonal tropical biome. Geology 39 , — Fielding, C. A facies model for fluvial systems in the seasonal tropics and subtropics.

Hacke, U. Trends in wood density and structure are linked to prevention of xylem implosion by negative pressure. Oecologia , — Canadell, J. Maximum rooting depth of vegetation types at the global scale. Gastaldo, R. Sedimentology and paleontology of a Carboniferous log jam. Gibling, M. Log jams and flood sediment buildup caused channel abandonment and avulsion in the Pennsylvanian of Atlantic Canada. Res 80 , — Nichols, G. Fusain in Carboniferous shallow marine sediments, Donegal, Ireland: the sedimentological effects of wildfire. Sedimentology 39 , — Marriott, S. Evolution of fixed-channel alluvial plains in response to Carboniferous vegetation.

Nature Geosci. Gurnell, A. Wood storage within the active zone of a large European gravel-bed river. Geomorphology 34 , 55—72 Rygel, M. Vegetation-induced sedimentary structures from fossil forests in the Pennsylvanian Joggins Formation, Nova Scotia. Sedimentology 51 , — Bashforth, A. Landscape gradients and patchiness in riparian vegetation on a Middle Pennsylvanian braided river plain prone to flood disturbance Nyrany Member, Central and Western Bohemian Basin, Czech Republic.

Clarke, J.

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Establishing a time-scale for plant evolution. Anastomosing river sedimentation in the Channel Country of central Australia. Sedimentology 45 , — Tooth, S. The role of vegetation in the formation of anabranching channels in an ephemeral river, Northern plains, arid central Australia.

Riparian vegetation and the late Holocene development of an anabranching river: Magela Creek, northern Australia. Harwood, K. Changing in-channel and overbank flood velocity distributions and the morphology of forested multiple channel anastomosing systems. Rodrigues, S.

Fluvial Sedimentology VII | NHBS Academic & Professional Books

In-channel woody vegetation controls on sedimentary processes and the sedimentary record within alluvial environments: a modern example of an anabranch of the River Loire, France. Sedimentology 54 , — Abernethy, B. The effect of riparian tree roots on the mass-stability of riverbanks. Dupuy, L. A numerical investigation into the influence of soil type and root architecture on tree anchorage. Plant Soil , — Pollen, N.

Temporal and spatial variability in root reinforcement of streambanks: Accounting for soil shear strength and moisture. Catena 69 , — Hales, T. Topographic and ecologic controls on root reinforcement. Abbe, T. Patterns and processes of wood debris accumulation in the Queets river basin, Washington. Geomorphology 51 , 81— Webb, A. Distribution, recruitment, and geomorphic significance of large woody debris in an alluvial forest stream: Tonghi Creek, southeastern Australia. Geomorphology 51 , — Francis, R.

Wood as a driver of landscape change along river corridors. Perspectives on biogeomorphology, ecosystem engineering and self-organisation in island-braided fluvial ecosystems. Nanson, G. River stabilisation due to changing climate and vegetation during the late Quaternary in western Tasmania, Australia.

Geomorphology 13 , — Brooks, A. The long-term control of vegetation and woody debris on channel and flood-plain evolution: insights from a paired catchment study in southeastern Australia. Geomorphology 51 , 7—29 Brown, A. Learning from the past: palaeohydrology and palaeoecology.

6 - Fluvial sequence stratigraphy

Freshwater Biol. Gran, K. Riparian vegetation controls on braided stream dynamics. Modelling the effect of vegetation on channel pattern in bedload rivers. Coulthard, T. Effects of vegetation on braided stream pattern and dynamics. Tal, M. Dynamic single-thread channels maintained by the interaction of flow and vegetation.

Braudrick, C.

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Experimental evidence for the conditions necessary to sustain meandering in coarse-bedded rivers. Natl Acad. USA , — Perona, P. Biomass selection by floods and related timescales: Part 1. Experimental observations. Edmaier, K. Mechanisms of vegetation uprooting by flow in alluvial non-cohesive sediment. Earth Syst. Vegetation as a major conductor of geomorphic changes on the Earth surface: toward evolutionary geomorphology. Buatois, L. Colonization of brackish-water systems through time: evidence from the trace-fossil record.

Palaios 20 , — Brasier, A. Searching for travertines, calcretes and speleothems in deep time: Processes, appearances, predictions and the impact of plants. Maria Mutti.

Bed Forms and Flow Mechanisms Associated with Dunes

Charles A. Poppe de Boer. Michael Blum. Allard W. Norman D. James L. Noel P. Ian Jarvis. Christopher G. Michael Z. Peter K. Kenneth Jinghwa Hsu. Michael J. Geochemical Sediments and Landscapes. Sedimentary Facies Analysis.